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Our Foundation

Our Mission

is to help people:

  • in their pursuit of Happiness,
  • in their pursuit of a Worry-Free Retirement,
  • and in their pursuit of a deeper Awareness
  • and understanding of those who are, and that which is most meaningful and important in their lives.

Our Service

  • - We strive to provide people with outstanding service that is based in compassion and integrity.
  • - We also strive to provide people with above average returns and below average risk, while utilizing financial strategies that are suitable in helping them achieve their personal financial goals.

Our Motto

... is to practice “Service Above Self”. In all cases we place our client’s welfare above our own.

Our Philosophy

... is to maintain an Open Mind and Humility, as we engage in teamwork and partnership and mutual respect with our clients and with the Financial Institutions and Portfolio Managers who we select to support our efforts in achieving our Mission, our Service and our Motto.

Our Clients

The majority of the people who choose to work with us are philanthropic by nature, mindful of Human Capital, and appreciative of community, the arts, nature and horses. Furthermore, they prefer investments that are focused on Environmental Consciousness and Socially Responsible pursuits.