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Our Principles

We believe people deserve:

  • the pursuit of happiness
  • a worry-free retirement
  • to enjoy what is most important in their lives

Our work is accomplished with:

  • a thorough discovery of values, dreams, goals, and concerns,
  • efficient and personalized management of risks and concerns, and
  • a management style of asset allocation, a balance of risk and performance.
  • We can work with a fee-based cost structure, commission based cost structure or some combination of both (the large majority of our clients choose the fee-based).

We are open-minded and innovative in order to achieve desired results.

In common with our clients, we share some guiding principles:

  • diversification
  • experienced portfolio managers & research analysts
  • value investing --- “buy low, sell high”
  • low and manageable debt
  • living a lifestyle that is “within our means”
  • contributing to society --- in time, talents, or financial resources

Neither diversification nor rebalancing can ensure a profit or protect against a loss.